Beating a deadline is exhausting. Making your body susceptible to stress and sometimes getting you irritated.

It is almost a week after a semi-annual report is finally over. Occasionally it is helpful to have a diversion to keep your body regaining its natural energy and the perfect place to spend time in the countryside.


If you are in the barrio, you do not need to look for high rising infrastructure but prepare to be amazed by a beautiful natural landscape. 

A wide array of green rice fields will welcome you with the cool breeze that pampers your weary body. Perfect getaway from a buzzing metropolis.

Unstable internet connectivity will keep you abreast with the neighborhood life. No signal interruption purely simple convo while reminiscing beautiful memories.


Feeling tired empty stomach, snacks are readily available. No need to bake just boiled unripe banana and you have an instant merienda perfect partner with fermented fish or maybe bagoong plus lemon.

Cooked banana nicely coupled with hot native coffee. It is all free and naturally grown. This is unique life in the barrio.

While enjoying the native snacks and a cup of coffee, the convo continues. This is a perfect time to share stories of success, challenges, and even plans for the future. A moment to unwind, no deadline, just purely chitchat and no serious topics.

According to a website article, making a conversation is good for mental health. It is a way to cope with problems, worries in life, and, even challenges at work, and maybe peer pressure. Mental health is important, especially during this time of the pandemic.

So, time-to-time, it is great to have a wonderful time with family and trusted friends who have a listening heart. You do not need fancy preparation to start the conversation running, just bring your true self and get ready for unlimited talking.

Initiating a conversation with the farmer whose life evolves over a decade is exciting and full of learning opportunities especially if you want to venture into farming in the future and a good benchmark to:

Frame your perspective about farming;

Account your learning and application in the real field of farming technology;

Realize that farming is a promising venture which needs a lot of commitment and patience;

Manage your budget carefully especially if you have a conservative capital for farming or you might end up in loan shark;

Invest your savings while you are young, a farm has a variety to offer;

Never say no to new learning in farming, ordinary farmer is ready to share their insights and decade of experience in this kind of field;

Goal-setting is important because farming has a lot of trial and error. It needs your passion and consistency.

Our ordinary farmers have a lot to offer in the community and all they need is somebody ready to inspire and share generously his/her own perspective. Make your quick break a good opportunity to share ideas among our dedicated farmers. #

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