A Barangay in Kidapawan City adopts community pantry concept

KIDAPAWAN CITY— Believing that even an ordinary residence can share their produce in the neighborhood, a group of farmers from a remote barangay, recently adopted the viral concept of “community pantry.”

Community pantry is a new concept of food sharing which started in Luzon just this April 2021, hoping to help other Filipinos greatly affected by the pandemic.

Richard Nisperos, a barangay elected official and chair on agriculture committee said that this concept is relevant since most of their neighbors need additional help from their end.

A photo grabbed from Fb account of Richard Nisperos

Recently, we organized a school- clean up drive with our public teachers and part of our appreciation to the active parents who actively responded in our campaign is offering them free- naturally-grown vegetables

Nisperos added.

As part of the known community pantry, the barangay council put up tables with the array of vegetables and let the parent participants get pick their choice according to their family needs.

When we announced that we are giving away fresh vegetables, our parents could not believe since most of our produce are organically grown.  Parents in our neighborhood were happy and grateful to our support

He further said.

Barangay councilor Nisperos further said that this initiative is also led by Gulayan sa Amahan a community group of father farmers who started their advocacy in planting variety of vegetables during the height of the community lockdown last year.

Today, this group has been leading their community-based feeding program scheduled in their 7 puroks and continuously promoting the value of organic farming among their neighbors. # –bilib.com.ph

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