“Spending most of your time in a noble work and ministry is the most fulfilling achievement you could always share to others,” said Decie Padrilan, a community volunteer of a non-government organization (NGO) in Cotabato.

Nanay Decie who usually called by  children under her care is not a registered family or doesn’t have any child nor relative who are member of the organization, she serves. She is a volunteer since 2014 until this time.

Living the passion of community service

She is working as journalist in a local newspaper but during her free time she offers it working with vulnerable children in the community.

Volunteer work is not new to her because she used to work with other non government organization before especially working with those people affected by tuberculosis (TB).

I think this is really my passion working closely with the families especially among children. I’m heart always belong to kind ministry and I enjoy it,

Decie narrated.

As part of her continues commitment to an NGO, Nanay Decie even uses her home as venue for children replying a letter from his/her sponsor. Her time is not only dedicated to monitor children and even for families who want marital advices.

Nanay Decie prepares her report for the Barangay

A public servant

Aside from being a volunteer, I am actually a leader of our purok (village) with more than 500 member households and I am also the president of local council for women in Poblacion, Kidapawan. My time doesn’t only for children but for their[other] parents as well,

she added.

Nanay Decie is a registered nutritionist and dietician by profession, she takes this as an advantage during her community volunteer work to share tips related to family nutrition.

Source of Inspiration

The presence of Nanay Decie in the group inspires other volunteers to strengthen their commitment in an ngo’s advocacy for vulnerable children and families. Keeping the  motivation that they are not only working for the community but their essential presence are  helping nurture the lives of these young children to be good  and best person they could be in the years to come.

If you are a volunteer, you should nurture the love for community service and the need to deepen your faith to God and commitment will just follow,

Nanay Decie underscored


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