A lot people finds rabbit as a good pet at home aside from taking care dog.

For Prolan Caldelero, an aid and humanitarian worker, rabbit is more than a pet. He finds it a good source of income.

It’s always good to have an outlet after a day’s work in the field. I find raising rabbits, as my natural stress reliever

Agri-preneur in the making

As young bachelor, instead of choosing office- based business, Caldelero chooses rabbit farming, as promising venture.

Aside from the fact that rabbit seems cute, they can be easily raised even in a small space at home or in a limited backyard. Rabbits are prolific animal when it comes to reproduction with only 30- day gestation.

What finds him amazing in raising rabbit is, it can produce kits 5 times in a year depending on the breeder management.

I discovered through trainings, reading existing literatures, and even watching online video documentary, that rabbit meat is considered as healthiest meat compare to that meat of chicken, pork, and beef. If you have the lens on organic agriculture, the manure of rabbit can be a good source of natural fertilizer for plants—fruit tree and vegetables.

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Establishing a project on rabbit raising do not need larger capital. “I started raising rabbits for only ₱1,300 [2 months buck and doe]. It means that aspiring farmer- entrepreneur does not need a lot of investment to try this business,” Caldelero explained.

I started my journey on rabbit farming last December 2020 and now I started earning, though its minimal income for family in Lebak, Sultan Kudarat. For me it’s a good start and motivation to grow more, he added.

Market standing

For Calderero, rabbit industry offers a lot of potential for marketing. “I can actually explore to concentrate as breeder, pet type, or to raise rabbit for marketing meat. Actually, I am now on the phase of choosing the breeder market where I have the option to sell it as rabbit kits. This breeding strategy aims to dispose rabbit for individual who wants to start rabbit farming.

According to market research firm index box, as cited by new food, the market value of rabbit meat increase at annual rate of +4.0% from 2007 until 2017. This means that the market of rabbit is increasing globally. Among the countries with highest number of meat consumption is China (925 tons), followed by Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (154 tons), and Egypt with 57 tons of rabbit meat consumptions.

I read some agriculture literature and even online publication that rabbit can be a good source of quality meat.  A place like Bulacan and even a farmer from Lake Sebu is starting raising rabbit for meat purposes. I know this is a promising and feasible project

Catching up with challenges

Calderero shares that like any other business, failures and other uncontrollable factors may affect the business on rabbi farming. “One of the common problem in raising rabbit is when your pet experience diarrhea due to overfeeding.

He added that other common mistake is feeding the rabbit with fresh forage, which sometimes carries bacteria or harmful organisms that may affect the health condition of the rabbit. “Make sure to air dry the grasses before feeding it to the rabbits. Among the grasses that appropriate for rabbits are super napier, para grass, madre de agua, and malunggay.

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Tips on Handling Rabbit for first time growers

As neophyte in the industry, Calderero shares practical tips on handling the rabbits:

  1. Try to research and read related literature on rabbit industry. This is your guide in starting rabbit raising.
  2. Attend online or face-to-face related training. Make sure you have the time to enrich your knowledge and skills on how to properly handle rabbits.
  3. Prepare yourself for a challenging work. Keep in mind that this is a new project and along the way, you will discover something exciting and even encounter challenges while raising the rabbit. Make you document it for future reference.
  4. Ensure that you start with good breed of rabbit. You can purchase it from a reputable breeder or rabbit supplier.
  5. Research and watch related videos online. Various social media platforms like youtube and facebook are regularly posting related materials on rabbit farming.
  6. Install the right housing facility for rabbit and prepare appropriate equipment. It will make you life easier and to easily increase the number of your rabbits.
  7. Know the right feeds and the proper feeding. It will guide you and make your rabbit healthy.

Rabbit project is a way of advocacy to local farmers

I believe that this industry is possible for profit. My start-up project in our Barangay in Keytodac, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat, will help highlight rabbit farming is worth investing for

He further shared

He added that he will used his rabbit farm, as showcase area for other farmers to be inspired to follow the project, as well. “I am determined to educate the people in our community that rabbit raising can be a good source of income. If given the chance, I want to help more farmers in our barangay to go into rabbit farming. There is income in rabbit raising.”

By June, he plans to breed 7 breeder doe with 2 Pure breed Californian White , 1 PS Hyla Optima , and 4 Mixed New Zealand.

For my KaBarangay farmers who are aspiring to try this rabbit farming, don’t be afraid. Raising rabbits could help sustain our daily needs. This kind of project has a lot to offer. You can earn extra income by raising the rabbit alone and sell its produce, its manure can be a good source of natural fertilizer, and the most important is the quality of meat it can offer. Let us join and introduce the promising industry of rabbit among our farmers

Prolan Caldelero sincerely said.

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